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When buying a home, most of the work comes before putting your offer on that prospective house.  I'll explain and walk through all the steps so there will be no surprises and you'll be prepared when the time comes to put in your offer.  From the beginning, I hope we can have open and honest conversations so we are always on the same page. 


In addition to searching for homes based on considerations important to you, I can also help you find the best financing that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. 

I am here to talk through all the potential homes we find and tour and will support you through making a decision.  After finding a prospective house, I will work with you to put together a strong and appropriate offer that you are comfortable with and strategically negotiate with the other party to optimize your chances to reach mutual acceptance. 

The home buying process may seem like a long journey at times, but I will make sure to be there for all of it.  Buying a home is a significant part of you and your family's future and you can trust me to provide a personal and honest approach in the decision-making process.


Selling a home is a different process for everyone.  You may need to sell quickly as-is or can put in the effort and wait for the right time to list in order to optimize the sale of your house.  Wherever you are in the spectrum, I will advise and help you reach your goal to ensure you get the most out of your house in the time frame that suits you! 

I will guide you through all the preparation including deciding whether to update parts of your home or if you need a pre-inspection completed, how to best stage each room, and determining a competitive price based on a comparable market analysis.

My goal is to make sure this is as stress-free as possible for you and will work with all parties to make sure things go smoothly, removing any obstacles that may arise from listing to closing.

Buying a Home
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